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Men of Courage Red Crucible

The Men of Courage mod takes place in the near future; this mod is based on a war in the Balkans between the Dutch military and the Serb Separatists. There site has many updates and models to show off, they also keep a rather active forum.  So go take a look at the MoC Development Site.

Red Crucible is a BF2 mod that takes place between 1989 to 1991. This modification of BF2 pits NATO forces against the Soviet Union. Set in West Germany and Eastern Europe this mod brings a fictional WWIII scenario to life. Please visit the Red Crucible Mod Site.

Desert Conflict Battlefield1918-Logo

Desert Conflict is the self proclaimed DC of BF2. For those of you who don't know what DC is, it was/is a very popular BF42 modification based on the First and Second Gulf Wars. The Desert Conflict site offers daily updates, wallpapers, and a plethora of information on the mod. Please visit

Battlefield 1918 is a WWI complete conversion of BF2 that strives on historical accuracy. Their site is in both Deutsch and English and offers news, forums, development info, and a historical data bank, The historical databank is where you can lean for yourself about the first great war. So head on over to

BF Apocalypse Operation Restore Hope

Battlefield: Apocalypse is set in the future on a post apocalyptic earth. The time is 2056, approximately 50 years after the world was destroyed by a nuclear holocaust. The weapons in this mod are just as unique as the character classes and warring factions. The four warring factions, each with its own set of classes, battle on scorched earth Mad Max style maps. For more destruction and mayhem visit

Operation Restore Hop takes place in Somalia on October 3, 1993 when a US mission to capture top militants went wrong. Teams from the Army Rangers, Delta Force, Night Stalkers took place in the attack. This mod features the US and Somali Militants battling it out over the streets of Mogadishu, Somalia. Check out the teams work in progress at the Operation Restore Hope mod site.

US Intervention Point of Existance

US Intervention is another "Gulf War I" mod for BF2. This modification seems to have a nice array of Iraqi tanks and fighter aircraft. The initial renders on the site show promise for a quality mod. They also feature other renders of the numerous vehicles they are including in this mod from different AH-1 Cobra attack helicopters, planes, armored personnel carriers and more. Have a look at the                 US Intervention mod site.

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